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If heat rejection and solar performance is what you are looking for, then this Global Window Films HP Pro series film is for you. Precut for your GMC Acadia 2013-2016, this high-performance, metal-dye hybrid film is a DIY installer's dream to work with. With a sleek charcoal tone, it protects against heat, glare, and harmful UV radiation. The film is optimized with metalized polyester and color-stable dye to ensure low exterior reflectiveness.

Global Window Films™ GMC Acadia 2013-2016 HP Pro Window Tint Kit

  • 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

  • This classic automotive window film is one of the industry’s favorites, thanks to its good looks and great solar rejection performance.  HP Charcoal is manufactured using advanced hybrid construction that brings together a metallized layer with color-stable dye technology. The result is a stunning charcoal appearance that’s a near-perfect match for factory tinted glass

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